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James bitcoin Iota number list Ganhar bitcoin no paquistão 31º10 33º00S 017º47 018º20E. AF 086. D4.

Cape Verde Windward Islandsaka. BARLAVENTO Boa Vista, Santa Luzia, Santo.

, Sal Antao, Sao Vicente , Sao Nicolau, satellite islands. 15º45 17º30N 022º00 026º00W.

iota AF 087. 5H.

Tanga Region group Karange, Maziwi, Yambe. 04º41 06º00S 038º47–.

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GRK Blog. CE7 UA4WHX IOTA SA 018 Feb 18, 2014 ISLA GUAFO IOTASA 018) 3G7PM.
del 23 al 28 de febrero de 2014 Isla Guafo es una isla situada al suroeste de la isla de Chiloé y al noroeste de Conos Archipiélago, Chile. Esta isla tiene unos 260 km2.

Hay muchas colinas, valles y arroyos en la isla. Las corrientes oceánicas tienen una manera de. iota sa 018 มหาเศรษฐี bitcoin ios 4pda เศรษฐก จการกระจายอำนาจ bitcoin.

iota sa 018 เว บไซต ท ด ท ส ดท จะซ อ bitcoin ก บบ ตรเดบ ต แปลงว ศวกรรมน อยและเคร องชาร จ ซอฟต แวร เหม องแร iota ท ด ท ส ด bitcoin bitexplorer bitcoin บร ษ ท โอนเง นของ บร ษ ท bitcoin. Referenční čísla IOTA.

Český radioklub QSL via CE3FZ. Please consider there may be a delay in answering your QSL requests since the cards are being printed in Europe. But be sure you QSL is 100% okay via CE3FZ.
Ops: CE4CT LU1FAM. Modes: SSB CW. QSOs: 4369.
Start date 08 Apr. End date: 11 Apr. Unique callsigns: 3212.

IOTA NEWS Page 2 IK5ROS SA 011 9Y Trinidad Island SA 012 YV7 Margarita Island SA 013 CE0 San Felix Islandincludes San Ambrosio, etc. SA 014 PY0S St. Peter St.

Paul Rocks SA 015 YV Los Monjes Island SA 016 PR8 Sao Luis Islandsincludes Mucunambiba, etc. , Santana SA 017 HK0 Gorgona Island SA 018 CE7 Chiloe Island SA 019.
List of stations QSL managed by G3SWH Apr 14, I worked 9L1A on 12M CW for a new one on 12M. , 2014 On March 9th P29NO from OC 034 was worked on 10M CW for a new one on 10M , a new iota.
YS1 NP3J , V44KAI was also worked on 10M CW. KH6 VE7AHA was worked on 12M CW. CA7CAQ was worked on 10M SSB from SA 018 for a new iota.

IOTASouth America" Aug 12, 2014 CE7FKG, CE7TCC, CE7PTH, CE7HHM, IOTA SA 018, as XR7FTC. , CE7PGO will be active from Chiloe island, CE7HER Date: 16 17 August 2014.

QSL direct , bureau via CE7PGO o. 5Q7Y Jegindo Island EU 171 B.

ecause of the great success of our. Islands base online Prefix, IOTA, Region, Found: 52 isl.

Island name, More. iota 32, Acui, view more.
, SA 018 32, view more. , SA 018, Ahullini 32, Alao, view more. , SA 018 32, view more.

, SA 018, Anihue 32, Apiao, SA 018, view more. 32, view more.

, Aulin, SA 018 32, SA 018, Buta Chauques, view more. 32, Caguache, view more. , SA 018 Radiomercato.

com Leggi argomento CA7CAQ Chiloe Island SA 018 Oct 28, March. , 2005 Hello dear IOTA Chaser: I sent via buro all QSL from SA 018 SA 043 operation 2005January If you send me a QSL by direct I will send by direct also.

If you send me SA 018, SA 061 , SA 032 SA 091 , because Alfio IT9EJW re print.

, SA 04, no recieved yet waiting a couple of weeks, Qrz11.

net 11 meter Cb radio Dx QRZ Callsign Capdebilla AN 011, Ross Island group, Various. AN 012, Various.

, Graham Land WestPalmer Archipelago) group AN 013, Trinity Peninsula group, Various. AN 014, Various.

, Berkner Island AN 015, Queen Maud LandPrince Harald etc) group, Various. AN 017, Various. , Adelie Land group AN 018, Palmer Land WestAlexander.

OK1GK IOTA SA SA 015, Los Monjes Archipelago. SA 016, Maranhao State Centre Group, Worked.
, PX8L SA 017, Cauca Valle Division Group. SA 018, Los Lagos Region South Group.

SA 019, Abrolhos Archipelago. SA 020, Confirmed.

, TO7C, French Guiana Group SA 021, Buenos AiresBahia Blanca) iota Province Group. SA 022. com Free hamradio callbook It turned out to be Javier, CA7CAQ, on the island of ChiloeIOTA SA 018) about halfway down the coast of Chile.

Think about it. In what iota other iota activity can you fire up your equipment to make sure everything is working OK , randomly get confirmation that it is from half a world away. I ve been doing this ham radio thing for.

Ham Radio News: 3G7C stats, pics , video IOTA SA 018) AS 018. Sakhalin Island. 9V.

AS 019. Singapore Island. BV.

AS 020. Taiwan Island. A6.

AS 021. Trucial Coast group. R0Q.

AS 022. Medvezh i Islands Bear Islands. JA6.

AS 023. Amami Islands.

AS 024. Yaeyama Islands. R0F.

AS 025. Kuril skiyeKuril) Islands.

HL4. AS 026.

Cheju do ProvinceCheju Island) group. Isla Guafo IOTASA 018) 3G7PM.

EA7FMT REMER Huelva Aug 8, 9A, 2000 EU 016, Dalmatia South group. EU 017, I 9, EolieLipari) Islands.

EU 018, Faroe Islands. , OY EU 019, Franz Josef Land.

, R1F EU 020, SM1, Gotland CountyGotland Island) group. EU 021, TF, IcelandMain Island Only. EU 022, Jan Mayen Island.

, JX EU 023, 9H, Malta group. EU 024, I 0, Sardinia.

IOTA Yahoo Groups AN 017. Various Adelie Land group. AN 018.

Various Palmer Land WestAlexander Island) gp. AN 019P Various Balleny Islands.

AN 020P Various Scott Island. AS 133. XU.

Cambodia group. AS 134. BY3.

Hebei Tianjin Province group. IOTA Ref Prefix.

IOTA Island Group. AS 135. BY4.
Jiangsu Province group. AS 136.

United States Census of Agriculture: 1945 Oct 1, 2016 This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information , share opinion about different aspects of this outstanding RSGB award program including IOTA reference group activations, general discussion about the program etc. , Qsl info IOTA is growing in.

HA0IR 7158.

0 F6KOP P iota eu 148 tnx. 0530z 2017 Oct 23 D iota I Q G M.

Aug 11, Rolf CE7HER, Bruno CE7PGO, Marcelo CE7TCC, , Jorge CE7HHM, Luis CE7PTH; IOTA SA 018;meters. , 2014 CHI 115 Callsign XQ7FTC; August 16 17th; Faro Punta Tres Cruces LH; operators Mauricio CE7FKG QSL direct to CE7PGO.

By the Bureau CE3AA. CHI iota 014 Callsigns.

RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for SA 018 RSGB IOTA Information on SA 018. Group Name: Los Lagos Region South group. Claimed by: 37.

1% of participants. Main prefix: CE7.

Location: 40. 92 S 43. 68 S 72.
5 W 75 W. DXCC: CHILE.
Group Contains: Acui; Alao; Apiao; Caguache; Cailin; Caucahue; Chaulinec; Chaullin; Chelin; Chiloe; Coldita; Colocia; Dona Sebastiana. iota sa 018 have a bitcoin account bitcoin to bank account pakistan. Chilean island that also count as different country like CE0A Easter Island.

CE0Z Juan Fernandez Arch. CE0X San Felix give 10 points. 2 IOTA Islands give 5 point.

Different islands in an archipelago with same IOTA reference count as different island, ex. Chiloe island, in the same archipelago SA 018, Quinchao island, .

dx news Archives Page 4 of 41 amateurradiodx. com Mar 10, 2013 ISLANDS WORKED , CONFIRMED WITH QSL CARDSI. O.

T. A.

I. W.


worked IOTA 328sd105 iota mapping project. iotamaps iota mapping project Position: Geographical position of the Lighthouse.

IOTA: IOTA group of the Lighthouse if known. Good since: This entry inform that at what date expedition is possible , count for WLOTA program.

Before the year, expedition is not valid for WLOTA program. If no Date, the expedition is good since WLOTA start program 01. LA8AJA s homepage Iota500 worked Refer to RSGB IOTA Directory for details of islands included in the group , for Lat Lon.
QSO QSL. Record Number.
Notes. SA 001. CE0.

Easter Island. SA 002.

Maranhao State Centre group. SA 017.

HK5. Cauca Valle Division group.

SA 018. CE7. Los Lagos Province South group.

SA 019. PY6. Abrolhos Archipelago.

undefined Please click on the callsign below to see a sample of the QSL card. Most of the logs are searchable , are marked with a.

As a result of a decision by the RSGB QSL bureau not to process outgoing cards for non members, cards for some of the stations that I manage are ONLY available DIRECT. These stations are.
CD6713 Javier CHiloe Island CHILE Iota- SA 05 utc. CD6713 Javier CHiloe Island CHILE Iota- SA 05 utc 15 Novmeters band.

Germany Award award AwardHam HAM Radio Awards , Trophies IOTA NEWS. Javier, from the Chiloe Island.

, VHF, 40 , can transmit on bands of 10, 80 meters , CD6713, indicates that he hasa legal as Aspirant s license QSL only direct.

See details , pictures of his station on QRZ. com. SA 087.

Members of the Ría Deseado Radio Club, who were expected. Iota sa 018 比特币采矿最好的基础 比特币nvidia特斯拉 52 useful links about IOTA related resources collected in DX Resources IOTA at The DXZoneThe sections of this article are: 1- What does the Bible say, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PRKCZ genePrefix Grupa Numer Operator QSM POBOX Street Zip Code City ProvinceAetna considers any of the following. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE September 2017 www.

CE. jpg 9 viewsIsla Ascension IOTA SA 043.

jpg 46 viewsEaster iota island IOTA SA 001. CE0Z. jpg 25 viewsJuan Fernandez island IOTA SA 005.

CE4. jpg 15 viewsPupuya island IOTS SA 095. jpg 13 viewsChiloe island, iota Chile IOTA SA 018.

VK4MA IOTA Sth AMERICA QSLs radios. net.

au shop Home IOTAIslands On The Air SA) SOUTH AMERICASA) SOUTH AMERICA SA) SOUTH AMERICA. Title File Name Date Position sa016. jpg.

SA016 PS8YL PR87 views. sa017. SA017 I2RAO HK014 views.

sa018. SA018 CE7OXZ5 views. Logs en ligne Les Nouvelles DX.
TEST COMPIUTE IT9AUP> 28500. 0 EA8YN 31 JanZ good signalLU5EW> 28500.

0 EA8YN 31 JanZ CQing No takersPY2EX> 28500. 0 EA8YN 31 JanZ CQ DXPP5AR> 28495. 0 XR7C 31 JanZ IOTA SA 018 iota VIA CE6AMNW5GAI> 28495.

0 XR7C 31 JanZ. 1967 Census of Construction Industries Free hamradio callbook with very fast XML access for logging programs, recent activity, multilanguage support etc.

, condx prediction, logsearch undefined AF 004 Isla de La Palma. AF 004 Tenerife.

AF 005 Cape Verde Islandsleeward.

AF 007 Comoros Island. AF 014 Madeira Island.

AF 016 Reunion Island. AF 018 Pantelleria Island. AF 019 Lampedusa Island.

AF 024 Seychelles. AF 040 Lamu Island, Kenya. AF 049 Mauritius Island.

AF 057 Nosy Be Island. AF 086 Cape.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: 2015 NG3K. com Aug 1, BU2BF, Taiwan, By BU2BE BU2BF BU2BO BU2BW BU2CN BU2CM BV5OO BX3AA BX3ABH BM2AAS BV2CK BV9AA BU2CR BX2AEE BU2BI BX3AC BU2AU.

, AS 020, Taiwan, BV5OO, 2015 BV0TW CE7KF, CE7KF, By CE7KF. , Chiloe, CE7KF, Chile, SA 018 CR2W, Azores, LotW, Graciosa, EU 175, HB9CRV. Referencias IOTASA.

EA5YC. es. Solo Radioafición 2.

98 Fo sa. iota 92 Głł 108 I Izi 62 99.

1 R8 I 689àu Hiodel suuuj suauao IInd oz QQR RI 199 zt, gog" of 629 Ro: iota 199 9I 6 8 98: 909 zos irote to: Loo LRI z 6FI I 099 IER Izi I RIg 3UIn 10ded suuj. pansaaluu pure Idous. Cz Hø Q92 I RL.
CI: of. undefined B.

Chilean Islands which count for IOTA 5 pointsdifferent island in an archipelago with same IOTA reference count as different islands. Chiloe Island, Quinchao Island, is in the same archipelago SA 018, but different ICE reference. C.

Other islands 3 point. Rey JorgeKing George AN 010. ICE703Isla LemuySA 018.

RSGB IOTA Yumpu 52 useful links about IOTA related resources collected in DX Resources IOTA at The DXZone. 2004 T33C on OC 018, MYANMAR 2003 XY4KQ on AS 167, MYANMAR 2002 XY0TA on AS iota 165, CAMBODIA 2001 XU7ABR on AS 133. Hits: 508.

IOCA Group The Islands Of Croatia Activators Group IOCAGroup. Chiloe Island, 3G7CIOTA SA 018.

Ham Radio News En ny DXPedisjon er annonsert til Chiloe IslandDXCC Chile, CE IOTA SA 018. Aktiviteten er planlagt for April 2012, mer informasjon kommer. Planlagt kallesignal er 3G7C Bilde: wikipedia) Via LADXG News Read the full Article.

Chiloe Island, 3G7CIOTA SA 018) www. LADXG. no LA DX.

CE7 UA4WHX IOTA SA 018. Publicerad 26 00 Notiser. Volodja har nu tagit sig till Chiloe Island.
Chiloé är den nordligaste ön av Chiles fjord- och kanalfyllda skärgård som slutar vid Kap Horn. Signalerna kom igenom hyfsat långa vägen på 20 meter telegrafi vid lunch.

Tillför kommentar. QSL IOTA América del Sur. EA7TV ZCZC AE18 QST de W1AW DX Bulletin 18 ARLD018.

To all radio amateurs SB DX ARL ARLD018 ARLD018 DX news This week s bulletin was made possible with information provided by N1RL, UR7EU, the. , NC1L, QRZ DX Dale, IOTA SA 006, PJ2 KC2PZ will be QRV from Signal Point on Curacao, from May 8 to 14. DB0FHN READ IOTA 1286 AF016, Reunion Isl.

AF017, Rodrigues Island. AF018, Pantelleria Island.

AF019, Pelagie Isls.
AF020, Bijagos Archipelago. AF021, Prince Edward Marion Islands.

AF022, St. Helena Isl. AF023, Sao Tome Isls.

AF024, Inner Isles. AF025, Aldabra Islands.

AF026, Cosmoledo Islands. AF027, Mayotte Isl. AF028, Socotra Group.

SA 018 , SA 043 QSL , more sa 001. sa 001r. sa 002.
sa 003. sa 003r.

sa 004.

sa 004r. sa 005.

sa 005r. sa 006.

sa 006r. sa 007. sa 007r.

sa 008. sa 008r.

sa 009. sa 009r. sa 010.

sa 010r. sa 011. sa 012.
sa 013. sa 013r.

sa 014. sa 014r.
sa 015. sa 015r.

sa 016. sa 016r. sa 017.

sa 017r.

sa 018.

sa 019. sa 019r. sa 020.

sa 020r. sa 021. sa 022.

CD6713 Callsign on QRZCQ The database for radio hams SA 016, Maranhao State Centre group, 27. , BRAZIL 7.

SA 017, 24. , COLOMBIA, Cauca Valle Division group 1.

SA 018, Los Lagos Region South group, 33. , CHILE iota 3.
SA 019, Abrolhos Archipelago, BRAZIL, 34. 8.

SA 020, 41. , French Guiana group, FRENCH GUIANA 2. SA 021, Buenos AiresBahia Blanca) Province group.

GMA Global Mountain Activity Group SA018 CE7 Chiloe SA019 PY6 Abrolhos SA020 FY Salut SA021 LU B. Aires Pr.

West SA022 LU B. South SA023 PY6 Bahia Centre SA024 PY2 Sao Paulo South SA025 PR8 Maranhao East SA026 PP5 Santa Catarina South SA027 PP5 Santa Catarina North SA028 PY2 Sao Paulo North. IOTA list QSL.

net NA 016 ZF Cayman Island NA iota 017 XF Cedros Island NA 018 OX Greenland NA 019 KL7 Kodiak Groupincludes Afognak, etc. , Shuyak, Narmot, Sitkalidak NA 020 YV0 Aves Island NA 021 8P Barbados NA 022 VP2E Anguilla NA 023 VP2V British Virgin Islands NA 024 J3 Grenada Island NA 025 J3 J8 The Grenadines. South America AT Scandinavia DH8WR IOTA 28.

04. l 104 Lines 4846 [email protected] WW BID IYEGLVDK0BLN Read: DK8NM GUEST Subj: SA ref.

list txt Path. Peter , St. Paul Rocks SA 015 YV5 Los Monjes Archipelago SA 016 PR8 Maranhao State Centre Group SA 017 HK5 Valle Cauca Division Group SA 018.

SolarHam. com HamAmateur) Radio Islands on the AirIOTA) List.

AS 014 Oman ASH SHARQIYAH AL WUSTA REGION group AS 015 Malaysia West PINANG STATE group AS 016 Yemen GULF OF ADEN WEST group AS 017 Japan OKINAWA ISLANDS AS 018 Russia Asiatic SAKHALIN ISLAND AS 019 Singapore SINGAPORE ISLAND AS 020 Taiwan

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